Renewable energy direct from the source

Voltclub Platform

Our platform aggregates both buyers and sellers of renewable energy creating a real time marketplace for businesses to buy directly from wind and solar farms in their area.

Voltclub are compiling the largest portfolio of renewable energy assets, projects and buyers in Ireland, simplifying the procurement process for both sides and minimising transaction costs.

Our data analytics go through every kW of electricity to ensure that the right business is paired with the right renewable asset, maximising transaction value for all parties.

Electricity straight from the farm

Meeting your environmental and sustainability goals in the complex electricity markets can be challenging.

Our platform brings together buyers and sellers of renewable energy in an online marketplace simplifying the buying process allowing you focus on growing your business.

Our markets

Renewable energy solutions to fit any business

Renewable energy is our focus. From small businesses to corporate multinationals we create energy deals that work for you, so you can focus on growing a sustainable business.

Wind PPA

Wind in Ireland has been breaking records lately, get some of the action with a fixed price PPA

Solar PPA

Solar panel prices are falling rapidly, with an early stage solar industry eager to sell power now


Make the best use of the space on your own site or premises, with on-site generation and storage

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