On-site renewables can help businesses significantly reduce their bills.

Adding on-site renewables to an unused part of a site can greatly reduce the cost of energy due to the avoidance of a number of network charges.

Rooftop solar is not a new phenomenon and has been used by environmentally conscious consumers for decades. Northern Europe is not always considered the a solar hotspot, anyone who has been outside can confirm that, but with the falling cost of solar panels the pay back is a much more attractive proposition.

Increasingly businesses are looking to on-site solar and wind to help them avoid rising network costs, which make up about 40% of an energy bill.

What’s the cost?

More and more businesses are funding installation of on-site renewables through new funding routes, meaning that there typically is no up front capital required, other than any expenditure on legal support and internal resources time. Money is recouped through the energy bill on a monthly basis, with the solar installer recouping there money from the additional savings.

Development time?

Any capital project will come up against the planning process and energy projects are no different. There are a number of variables in relation to planning but projects typically receive the go ahead…even if the process can be on the long side.

How do I get some installed?

The typical process for any renewable energy project is feasibility & development followed by construction. We can analyse your current energy payments and site to help you understand the options available to you.

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