Renewable generators

Entering a PPA with an end user can provides and alternative route to market required to reach financial close for developers but also act as a long term hedge for asset owners.

Our platform allows generators to reach a wider section of the industry than would be otherwise open to them, offering your project a simplified approach to your PPA; reducing transaction timelines, minimising costs and managing risks to your business.

Join the biggest upheaval to the industry in a generation.

Finding an energy offtake

Voltclub works with businesses to plan out and execute their journey to 100% green electricity.

Our platform reduces the time, cost and risk of entering a PPA, meaning you can focus on developing your energy portfolio.

Our approach

Risk and value analysis

Every business is different. We start with you and your clean energy goals. We help you understand what actions to take and when, in order to reach those goals.

Automated tendering

We have a number of solutions for every business, whether that’s a direct agreement with an existing wind generator or a battery storage solution in an old workshop

Simplified transactions

Our expert team will do the hard work meaning you have more time to focus on finding balance

Future proof your business

Renewable energy has no fuel costs meaning you can fix your energy price from 1 to 20 years